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"Azer-Asia" Joint Insurance Company was founded May in 1997 and passed through the official State Registration in the Ministry of Justice and took a legal entity status. The company began it's activity after taking the License with number 0033 DSN-L from the State Insurance supervision at the Cabinet of Ministry. The founders of "Azer-Asia" Insurance company is Azerbaijan Republic State Commercial Insurance company "Azersigorta" and "Asia" Insurance company, Islamic Republic of Iran. The shares was defended as 51%-49% for each company. From the beginning the company has dynamic activity and gained success. There are the insurance types of activity in the Azerbaijan Insurance market in the activity sphere of the company.

Insurance civil responsibility of legal and physical entities to each other and to the third persons.
  1. Civil liability insurance of duty of contracts;
  2. Civil liability insurance of employer before his employees;
  3. Insurance of the equipment which is selling by deferment ;
  4. Civil liability insurance of legal and physical persons who is taking building works;
  5. Obligatory insurance responsibility of car remedy owner
  • CASCO insurance of vehicles
  • Property insurance of legal and physical entities
  • CARGO insurance
  • Annual life insurance
  • Reward life insurance
  • Medical insurance of citizens who is going abroad
  • Group and personal insurance of passengers from accidents
  • Accident insurance of workers of legal persons
  • Insurance of babies and school children
  • Insurance of acute surgical operations
  • Accident insurance of citizens who is going abroad as a tourists

 At present time there are 54 Insurance Companies ( nine of them are present foreign investment ), 2 Insurance broker companies in Azerbaijan. The sphere of Insurance market below of minimum level. Therefor, it is 4625 manat premium every each citizens of Azerbaijan for during two quarters of 2000, as personally insurance 15 composing about 0,5%, fire insurance about 2,06%, medical insurance 1,04%. Since greeting insurance market during 8 years, it is rather progressed, market had already formatted.
 "Azer-Asia" Insurance Company one of the great Insurance Company for the volume of the chapter capital. The mean type of insurance of our Company is the civil responsibility insurance of legal and physical entities to each other and before third persons. At the present time our Company release very successfully on this type insurance. In this type insurance is very important that's why board of our company release it according with the situation of market economy.
 "Azer-Asia" Insurance Company at the same time releases the reinsurance activity and great relations with the some of great Companies of the world. Our company the only Insurance company which is receiving the reinsurance risks from the foreign Insurance company of the world in Azerbaijan Republic. The successfully activity of our company directly depends on the of our collaborator's insurance specialists.
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